Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kapitalgrow?

Kapitalgrow is a tech-enabled platform non-interest multi-purpose cooperative that helps members save, invest and give loans with ease and clarity.

What does Kapitalgrow offer?

Kapitalgrow offers ethical and halal investments opportunities, tailored savings for individual and group as well as finance facilities to members through partnerships with trusted institutions

Is Kapitalgrow registered?

Yes, it’s registered as Kapitalgrow Financial Technology Ltd and as a multi-purpose cooperative society.

How do I get started?

Simply register in four steps

  • Sign up by filling your email, name & password
  • Choose a savings plan or an investment opportunity
  • Transfer or add your details to make payment
  • Monitor your investment on the dashboard and watch your money grow!
Is Kapitalgrow activities Shariah Compliant?

Our team of experts are capable and renowned in the field of Islamic finance.

We have a robust investment process and policies that ensure that our shariah advisors approve and certify any of our activities in relation to investment, saving and loan facilities before we go ahead.

Is the Investments guaranteed?

As with all investments, there is risk element.Invest Only funds you can risk.However, we ensure to put all necessary risk mitigation in place and deals in real/physical assets with realisable value that do not just disappear or vanish in the air. This is asset-backed investments that reduce the risk.

Are the returns achievable?

Yes, most of the investment opportunities have been tested before we bring them to our valuable members.

Our estimations are reasonsable except slight difference that increases or decreases the expected returns. Unforseen risk that can greatly affect our estimates are already mitigated in our risk management practices.

What is the withdrawal Policy?

Investments capital are only withdrawable at the completion of the project period. This is to avoid leakages and sudden change in plans that can affect the investments.

Our policy remains NO WITHDRAWAL until the completion of the investment project.

We will settle your account upon completion of Investment.

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