How can I sign up / register? 

Click the sign up button at the top of the menu or click – 

Input your First Name, Last Name, Valid Email Address, Username to be identified with on the platform, and your desired password. 

We advise you to use a strong password with at least 8 characters that comprises capital letters, small letters, special characters and numbers. 

A confirmation link will be sent to the provided email address, login to the email and click on confirmation link to verify your account. That’s it, you have joined our honourable members!!!

I provided a valid email address but I didn’t receive any email notification, what to do?

If you provided an active email address and you didn’t receive any notification in your email, kindly reach out to our support on whatsapp via 09074657084

How can I login to my account?

If you have registered as a user/member on our platform, visit to login to your dashboard with the email address and password you provided during registration.



How can I make a deposit/fund my wallet?

Upon signing in to your dashboard, click the deposit button and securely make a bank transfer or use the payment gateway provided.

Once your deposit has been received, wait for approval in less than 1 hour after which it will reflect on your wallet.

Can I earn from my wallet?

No, your wallet does not generate any income as it’s not used for economic activity and withdrawable anytime .



How can I make savings from my wallet?

To make a savings, login to your dashboard, scroll down below to view all packages and then select MUDARABA SAVING PACKAGE to save. That’s it !!!

Read about mudharabah savings on our blog –


How can I make an investment?

Click the investment button on the dashboard, check the list of the available packages and click the INVEST button below it to invest. That’s it !!!

Read about mudharabah investment on our blog…


What industry/businesses do you invest my funds ?

We invest in real sectors of the economy in a diversified manner … Industry like Groceries, staple foods, Farming, micro industry and traders …..


What is the history of the ROI?

Minimum ROI generated has been an average of 25%-30% in 6-8 Months…

Better ROIs are the forecast In the ongoing Investments .


How do I withdraw my earnings?

As your investment starts to yield, earnings are reflected in your dashboard.

Our customer support will reach out to you via email, Whatsapp, Call to update you on monthly Or quarterly yearly pay out as the case May be .

Then, you can supply the details of where you want your money to enter !!




How secure is my deposit?

It is secured with our partner banks And it’s covered by Nigerian Deposits Insurance Commission (NDIC)…

Also, our payment Gateway is secured by double layers security encryption…


How secure is my investment and savings?

Kindly note that this is a profit sharing arrangement (investment) where we both share the profit resulting from the business, though our investments are less risky and with takaful (insurance), it is still not guaranteed as with all businesses.

Capitals are at risk, returns are not guaranteed. 




Roi is Not fixed !!

We generally provide clients with an ROI (return on investment) rate eg 15%, 18%, 20%, 36% etc

 This is simply a financial forecast and what investors or members can 

typically expect to receive. 

Kapitalgrow cannot guarantee return rates, however, as that would not be Shariah-compliant.


How secure is my data?


The platform is protected with High Level  SSL security encryption to protect you. Your data will only be used for the purpose of transactions done on the platform. 


What Makes These Products Halal?


Halal & Ethical Screening

The products are end-to-end Halal, which simply means permissible and in compliance with Islamic Shariah Law. This prohibits investing in businesses that profit from things like alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, gambling, and adult entertainment. 


Shariah Compliant Transactions

Our financial solutions are based only on Shariah compliant underlying principles including Mudarabah(profit and loss), Murabaha (cost plus sale), Musharaka (partnership) and Wakala (agency). Furthermore, we follow strict processes and procedures to ensure conducting each transaction in line with the Shariah compliance requirements, thus making sure that the end product that we offer you is Shariah compliant end to end.


Asset-Backed Transactions

If we go out of business, it doesn’t mean you go out of business. Your investment contracts are backed by tangible assets.


Clear & Transparent Contracts

Contracts are not one-sided. We ensure that the terms are laid up front and are fair, clear, and easy to understand for the client or investor.



How Does It Work?

Our referral program is very simple and straightforward. Refer your friends and families to Kapitalgrow, make sure they sign up and make savings or investments, or even both. Once any of your downlines take any of these actions, you stand a chance to earn up to N5,000 naira. 


How Do I Get Started?

To get started, you must sign up on the platform via –

If you are an existing user on Kapitalgrow, login to your dashboard via –

Click on “My Profile”

Copy your referral link to share with anyone 

After anyone you referred sign up and invest/save, get the full name he/she registered with

Send it to our Whatsapp contact – 09074657084


How Much Can I Earn?

There are two ways for you to earn via our platform. You can earn if your downline makes savings or investments.

You stand a chance to earn N1,000 when your referral deposits on the platform. 


How Will I Know If My Downline Has Invested / Saved?

Reach out to anyone you refer to and ask if he/she has made an investment or savings, once he/she does, send his/her full name registered on the platform to our dedicated Whatsapp contact – 09074657084. We will verify and send your referral fee. 


How Do I Get My Earnings?

Make sure you fill in your bank account details in the profile section. The account number provided will be credited. Kindly make sure the account number you submitted is the same as the name you registered with on the platform. The payout will be done every Weekend.


What If I Have Any Other Questions?

For further info, reach out to us on Whatsapp contact via – 09074657084

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