Micro manufacturing Industry/agric,Seafood packaging.

Food security has been One of the top debates across the world. Nigeria, with an ever growing population of over 200m people, is definitely a good market for food needs and supply.

With a high Urban And Young  population ,experts have proposed that staple foods (packaged foods) that can be preserved And eaten all year round is One of the best solutions which opens bigger opportunities for investors. Seafood, especially, has been in high demand largely because of its nutritional benefits. 

Staple/packaged foods are not only profitable, they’re very secure And less risky for investors. 

We have taken a bold step in the industry And it has been a success. The demand is still very huge And therefore More funds required to meet the demand And to serve other markets . 

Project Summary

Investment model: Mudharabah contract
Seafoods involved: crayfish and catfish

Projected return: 15 – 25%
Investment cycle: 6 months.
Amount per investor: Minimum of 50k

About the investment:-

It’s about the Importation of seafood, packaging and sell to various markets in wholesale .

And it’s mudaraba based investment. It can give monthly returns or recoup investment (multiplier effects)

It comes with GIT takaful(GOODS IN TRANSIT) for transportation risk.

Capital and returns not guaranteed. If guaranteed, it becomes non-compliant with Islamic finance principles.

It has been good returns and huge demands with minimum risks.

Exit Plan/Project Wrap Up
The liquidation of investment project is done at the maturity and it’s renewable.

Amount invested by investors plus returns(if any) will be transferred to the investors at maturity and the investment project is closed.

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