Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How does it work?

    Kapitalgrow works as a multipurpose cooperative platform that allows its members to save. It draws a team of management and finance experts from agric to real estate that vets and brings secured, ethical and profitable business opportunities to registered members base on profit sharing.

  • You earn when you first register and then fixsave or invest in vetted opportunity opened only to the registered members on the platform.

  • Anyone who's interested in making money the ethical/halal way and is willing to join our membership by signing up for free!

  • You can withdrawal anytime your fund is due and remitted to your wallet. This is approved by the admin to ensure maximum safety.

  • Real Estate, agriculture and any other opportunities

  • The amount depends on the available business opportunities/package on the platform, ranges from N20,000 upwards. No amount is too small to save for your target!

  • Contact us via email -
    WhatsApp : 09074657084

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